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            We’ve updated our?Privacy Policy.


            Custom supply chain solutions through superior customer service, unparalleled quality, and relentless innovation.

            OUR MISSION

            Kloeckner Metals Corporation’s mission is to provide superior customer service, unparalleled quality, and on-time delivery every time. To assure maximum value for our activities, the management team demonstrates an unrelenting, aggressive approach to all commercial, operational, and cost-control opportunities.


            Kloeckner Metals Corporation is headquartered in Roswell, Georgia and has more than 2,300 employees. Kloeckner is a pioneer in the digital transformation of the steel industry and looks to be a full-line service center to its customers while fully digitalizing the supply and service chain.


            Our footprint has grown strategically over the years to better serve customers all over North America and beyond.

            KL?CKNER & CO SE GROUP

            Kloeckner Metals Corporation is a subsidiary of Kl?ckner & Co, one of the leading producer-independent distributors of steel and metal products and one of the top steel service companies in the European and American markets.

            Largest producer-independent distributor of steel and metal products and one of the leading steel service center companies in the European and American markets combined

            Total solutions for companies of any size and from any industry under one roof

            Wide range of services: consulting, procurement, warehousing, processing and distribution

            Extensive distribution and service network

            Around 8,800 employees

            Group headquarters: Duisburg, Germany

            170 locations in 12 countries

            Turnover in 2016: 6.1 million tons

            Sales in 2016: €5.7 billion

            EBITDA in 2016: €196 million


            MEMBER OF

            • OMNIA Partners
            • MSCI
            • SSNIA
            • STI
            • AISC
            • NSF
            • MCA


            Kloeckner Metals Corporation is committed to conducting business in a lawful and ethical manner at every level and is proud to be a responsible corporate citizen. We believe that our policies outlining our intention to uphold the highest standard of conduct are essential to our ongoing success.

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